Waarp is an Open Source Managed File Transfer Solution.

Waarp Platform is an open source project aimed at improving the reliability, security, monitoring and integrability of file transfers in a scalable IT system. 

It fosters interoperability between file transfer protocols (FTP/FTPS, SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS and R66).

It is composed of multiple related components that can be operated together or independently:

  • Waarp TRANSFER: an open file transfer monitor. Main component of the WAARP platform. It natively implements the R66 exchange protocol which, thanks to its robustness and performance, guarantees a high level of reliability in all your data exchanges within and outside the IS. 
  • Waarp GATEWAY: The Waarp Gateway solution aims to break the R66 protocol and adapt to the third-party protocol.Technically speaking, it is a transfer gateway allowing the interconnection between SFTP, HTTPS and R66 protocols.
    PeSit, AS2 and AS4 protocols will be integrated by 2023.
    Waarp Gateway is initially designed for DMZs, as the attack surface is reduced.
  • Waarp MANAGER : WAARP Manager provides a web-based interface for centralized administration and monitoring of your transfer infrastructure.
    Industrialize, thanks to WAARP Manager, the exploitation of WAARP solutions in your IS.
  • Waarp Gateway FTP: an open FTP(S) server with an extension to serve as a gateway for the R66 protocol with the same requirements for scalibility.





GNU General Public License v3.0 only



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Initially developed in 2007 for the French Ministry of Finance, then for the Gendarmerie Nationale, Waarp is a mature open source managed file transfer solution. A company of the same name was created in 2011 to hold the project leadership, productise it and provide professional support subscription plans. The company is adequately financed through its support activity representing 80% of its revenue from a dozen large customers, and public R&D subsidies. Waarp is essentially used by large customers with a need for large file transfer volumes with high privacy and security. Waarp competes against Axway in France and GoAnywhere in the US.

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