Waarp is an Open Source Managed File Transfer Solution.

Waarp Platform is an open source project aimed at improving the reliability, security, monitoring and integrability of file transfers in a scalable IT system. 

It fosters interoperability between file transfer protocols (FTP/FTPS, SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, AS2/AS3, EBICS/TS).

It is composed of multiple related components that can be operated together or independently:

  • Waarp R66: an open file transfer monitor. It is the core component of the Platform and implements the R66 protocol, which is designed for performance and scalability to ensure the full reliability of internal and external file exchanges.
  • Waarp Gateway FTP: an open FTP(S) server with an extension to serve as a gateway for the R66 protocol with the same requirements for scalibility.
  • Waarp Gateway HTTP: an open HTTP Server but only intend to be used as a Gateway to the R66 protocol (this component is not yet publicly available).


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