Project Submission

Submission process

OW2 activities for software development are organized into projects which go through a specific lifecycle. The process for submitting a new software project to the OW2 code base is as follows:

  1. The fully executed Individual membership of the project leader is the minimum membership requirement for a project to be accepted in incubation. In case the project is backed commercially by a company, the company is expected to get at least the OW2 Corporate Membership.
  2. Once submitted, a proposal is then debated within the Technology Council mailing-list which evaluates its relevance for OW2 in terms of complementarities, synergies, license, support, etc.
  3. The Technology Council must reach a consensus to adopt the project.
  4. The Technology Council discusses the project submission within a typical delay of 1 week, which is followed by a vote.
  5. The project, if accepted, is then registered in the OW2 code base.

Submission form

In order to submit a project to OW2, you will need to log-in. If you don't have an OW2 account yet, you can register. Then please use the form below to access to submission process itself. 

You need to be logged-in to submit a project.

Latest submissions

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Latest accepted projects

 MELODIC - Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimised Data-Intensive Computing 2019-09-06
 Zenroom 2019-07-22
 ADR app 2018-12-17