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Submission process

OW2 activities for software development are organized into projects which go through a specific lifecycle. The process for submitting a new software project to the OW2 code base is as follows:

  1. The fully executed Individual membership of the project leader is the minimum membership requirement for a project to be accepted in incubation. In case the project is backed commercially by a company, the company is expected to get at least the OW2 Corporate Membership.
  2. Once submitted, a proposal is then debated within the Technology Council mailing-list which evaluates its relevance for OW2 in terms of complementarities, synergies, license, support, etc.
  3. The Technology Council must reach a consensus to adopt the project.
  4. The Technology Council takes typically two weeks to discusses the project submission and one week to vote.
  5. The project, if accepted, is then registered in the OW2 code base.

Submission form

In order to submit a project to OW2, you need to log-in with an OW2 member account. If you don't have an OW2 account yet, you can register. Then please use the form below to access to submission process itself. 

Please use English as the language when writing your submission.

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