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Complete name   WAARP (Managed Files Transfer)
Submitter's Info   Driss DEMIRAY - CEO
Project information   

Waarp Platform is an open source project aimed at improving the reliability, security, monitoring and integrability of file transfers in a scalable IT system. 

It fosters interoperability between file transfer protocols (FTP/FTPS, SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, AS2/AS3, EBICS/TS).

It is composed of multiple related components that can be operated together or independently:
- Waarp R66: an open file transfer monitor. It is the core component of the Platform and implements the R66 protocol, which is designed for performance and scalability to ensure the full reliability of internal and external file exchanges.
- Waarp Gateway FTP: an open FTP(S) server with an extension to serve as a gateway for the R66 protocol with the same requirements for scalibility.
- Waarp Gateway HTTP: an open HTTP Server but only intend to be used as a Gateway to the R66 protocol (this component is not yet publicly available).

Description of the project and its goals   

The goal of Waarp is to provide a multi-protocol platform for data exchange.

With the help of the community, we want to integrate exchange protocols commonly used in various industries such as Financial, Medical, Retail, etc. 

The idea is to provide a framework with all transfer capabilities, then, for each use-case, load ad hoc protocols within this framework. Transfer capabilities include:
- Management and parameter setting of monitors,
- Supervision and monitoring,
- Reporting

We want to become the must-have MFT offer in the open source world.

Web site   
Targeted audience   

Waarp use is intended for companies which must operate with a high volume of secure files exchanges, either internal (inter-application exchanges) or from external partners.

Waarp is an open source alternative to proprietary solutions such as CFT AXWAY, IBM STERLING to name the most common solutions.

Supporting team   

The main contributors to Waarp are:

  • Bruno Carlin (CTO)
  • Maxime Robert
  • Frédéric Bregier     
Business model / Strategy   

The business model is centered on selling professional services. In addition the  Waarp company is able to develop bespoke extensions to Waarp in order to centralize all configurations and events for a large installation, so as to facilitate exploitation, monitoring and production. 

This software is based on Waarp standard API, with no proprietary or backdoor access. We commit to keep Waarp to be a full functional Open Source solution.

We offer a comprehensive support with 3 levels of service agreements based on response time and hotfix (Silver, Gold and Premium) up to 24/24 - 7/7. Subscriptions to a support contract entitles our customers to use our ADD-ON, Waarp Manager. The cost of support depends on the average daily volume of files exchanged.

User community   

Waarp is a market ready solution already deployed within large organisations such as:

  • AIFE (Ministère des Finances)
  • DGGN (Gendarmerie Nationale)
  • RENAULT SA (confidential)
  • DCSN
  • MSA (Mutuelle Social Agricole) 

Our web site is visited by close to 700 people on average per month. We have an average of nearly 100 downloads per month.
The main countries in our user base are France, Russia and the USA.


Our solutions implement i18n and I10n natively.
By default they are all in English with a French version.


We wish to quickly add multiple exchange protocols such as:
- HTTP / S

The first two are planned for the end of 2016.


Our source code is hosted on GitHub (https://github.com/Waarp).

Our packaged solutions can also be downloaded from https://dl.waarp.org/

Your project and OW2   

Waarp is a middleware solution to exchange files. Such solution seems to missing from the catalog of OW2 open source solutions.
This is an important component in the technical infrastructure of companies.
To our knowledge, there is no other open source MFT solution that has reached our level of maturity on the market.
In light of the feedback we receive, we find there is a real interest of companies for a solution like ours.

OW2 projects   

Looking at the OW2 code base, we believe Waarp to be complementary to projects in the privacy and security area such as LemonLDAP and Fusion Directory.
Waarp can be of benefit to other OW2 projects such as application platforms that may perform file transfers such as SpagoBI, Bonita, XWiki, etc.

OW2 initiatives   

We see three opportunities here:

  • first of all, Waarp allows OW2 to have an MFT solution that currently lacks the infrastructure solution catalog
  • second Waarp could be a relevent addition to the Privacy and Security initiative (PRISi)
  • third we will play the open source game as we intend to leverage the community for the development of protocol extensions
Technologies and standards   


Contribution to the OW2 Community   

We believe Waarp to be a good contribution to the OW2 code base as a mature product and the only credible open source alternative to proprietary products.  
Waarp allow OW2 expand its range of OSS solution. 

Motivations to join the consortium and its community   

We appreciate the work done by OW2 to promote its members and its open source solutions on the market. OW2 is aligned with our commitment to providing real open source business solutions.
This common understanding allows us to think that our two organizations can perfectly grow together in total harmony.

Other Information?   
License(s)   GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 only
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I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   31/05/2016