Rocket.Chat - Workstream collaboration and Livechat Application for Customer Engagement

Rocket.Chat is an open source collaboration platform that has the largest and most active chat community on GitHub. The product is geared towards the medium to large enterprise market that requires privacy compliance and high security standards, giving organizations total control of their communication. SysAdmins can choose where to host their instance, white-label it, integrate with internal software, personalize permissions per user, and scale its user base.

Rocket.Chat has grown from the early success of its open source project that aimed to create the best team chat platform in the world. The company grew up fast as an open source team chat project, to solve communication frustrations with the available options of that time, offering on premises and on cloud hosting. The platform has gathered more and more people in the open source community to help to develop the product; received several product and innovation awards; and an enterprise version with private code was started.

Just as all companies have email servers, in the future we want Rocket.Chat to become part of everyday business, bringing with it engagement and productivity.

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Market Readiness Synthesis

The Rocket.Chat platform is robust, well productised and actively updated; it is developed and maintained by the Rocket.Chat company, a financially well endowed start-up, and a reliable community of 1100 people. Professional support plans are available from Rocket.Chat and its partners. They specifically market the self-managed Enterprise Edition towards medium to large enterprise with a need for privacy and security.  With some 600 paying customers worldwide such as Credit Suisse, US Navy, DBahn, BT and Caixa, Rocket.Chat is, despite heavy competition, a prominent player in its field.   

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