SpagoBI is the 100% open source, complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite.

SpagoBI is the 100% open source, complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite. Thanks to its wide offering of analytical tools and to its intuitive user interface, it supports day-to-day and strategic business. SpagoBI suite includes not only usual reporting and charting tools, but also unique and innovative solutions for new business intelligence domains, such as location intelligence, KPIs, real-time, mobile, big data, what-if and social listening. Thanks to its modular approach and open standards, it allows easy customization and the development of flexible user-friendly solutions. SpagoBI is released as a single stable open source version. This eliminates any license costs, separating the right to use the software from the purchase of support services, avoiding both software and vendor lock-in. This facilitates its adoption within Analytics, which fully exploit the potentials of the suite to meet the market requests. Conceived and realized by the SpagoBI Labs of Engineering Group -the leading Italian software and services company-, it is part of the software stack managed by OW2.

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FunctionalityBusiness Intelligence
License(s)Mozilla Public License 2.0
StandardsJBI JPA
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- SpagoBI for PAGODA, the Open Lab Governance Dashboard
- With SpagoBI Open Data drive territory management

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LicenseFile countSource
No_license_found5662OW2 Fossology
MPL2713OW2 Fossology
AFL-2.1413OW2 Fossology
Apache-2.0150OW2 Fossology
LGPL-2.1+100OW2 Fossology
EPL-1.072OW2 Fossology
MIT-style62OW2 Fossology
GPL-3.0+45OW2 Fossology
CPL43OW2 Fossology
BSD-style37OW2 Fossology
GPL-3.028OW2 Fossology
GPL-2.1+28OW2 Fossology
LGPL-2.122OW2 Fossology
BSD20OW2 Fossology
CPL-1.018OW2 Fossology
Public-domain13OW2 Fossology
GPL11OW2 Fossology
LGPL-3.010OW2 Fossology
Sun-BCLA8OW2 Fossology
Sun8OW2 Fossology
LGPL8OW2 Fossology
IOS8OW2 Fossology
UnclassifiedLicense7OW2 Fossology
MIT7OW2 Fossology
MPL-1.16OW2 Fossology
Total files count: 9378
Lines56,003OW2 SonarQube
Ncloc35,216OW2 SonarQube
Classes141OW2 SonarQube
Files322OW2 SonarQube
Directories88OW2 SonarQube
Functions2,602OW2 SonarQube
Accessors200OW2 SonarQube
Statements17,613OW2 SonarQube
Public API970OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines6,573OW2 SonarQube
Comment lines density15.7%OW2 SonarQube
Public documented API density21.2%OW2 SonarQube
Public undocumented API764OW2 SonarQube
Complexity6,856OW2 SonarQube
Class complexity48.6OW2 SonarQube
Function complexity1.1OW2 SonarQube
File complexity21.3OW2 SonarQube
File complexity distributionOW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines5,021OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated blocks130OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated files52OW2 SonarQube
Duplicated lines density9.0%OW2 SonarQube
Violations3,695OW2 SonarQube
Blocker violations1OW2 SonarQube
Critical violations1OW2 SonarQube
Major violations2,620OW2 SonarQube
Minor violations1,037OW2 SonarQube
Info violations36OW2 SonarQube
DsmOW2 SonarQube
Complexity in functions2,921OW2 SonarQube
False positive issues0OW2 SonarQube
Open issues3,695OW2 SonarQube
Reopened issues0OW2 SonarQube
Confirmed issues0OW2 SonarQube
Sqale index128dOW2 SonarQube
Test success density96.3%OW2 SonarQube
Coverage54.3%OW2 SonarQube
OpenHub activity score4OpenHub
OpenHub one year contributor count14OpenHub
OMM configuration management0SpagoBI OMM
OMM project planning0SpagoBI OMM
OMM requirements0SpagoBI OMM
OMM roadmap0SpagoBI OMM
OMM stakeholders0SpagoBI OMM
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License risk
Unique license25
Ratio no license60%
OMM License Indicator0
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Blocker issues1
Critical issues1
Test coverage54.3%
Test success96.3%
OMM documentation0
OMM standards0
OMM testing process0
OMM software environment0
OMM commits and bug reports0
OMM maintainability and stability0
Activeness risk
OpenHub activity4
OpenHub contributor count (1 year)14
OMM configuration management0
OMM project planning0
OMM requirements0
OMM roadmap0
OMM stakeholders0