The Open Source Suite for any modern Business Analytics.

Knowage is the new generation of open source analytical solution, as a natural evolution of the well known SpagoBI. Based on open standards and with a modular offering, Knowage addresses specific domains to particular sub-products, that can be combined each other to get a tailored size in a single solution.
The sub-products of the suite are:
• BD (big data), to analyse data stored on big data clusters or NoSQL databases
• SI (smart intelligence), the usual business intelligence on structured data, but more oriented to self-service capabilities and agile prototyping
• ER (enterprise reporting), to produce and distribute static reports
• LI (location intelligence), to relate business data with spatial or geographical information
• PM (performance management), to manage KPIs and organize scorecards
• PA (predictive analysis), for more advanced analyses
• EI (embedded intelligence), to link Knowage with external solutions provided by the customer or third parties

Knowage answers to a more modern vision of the data analytics, providing advanced self-service capabilities that give autonomy to the end-user, now able to build his own analysis and explore his own data space, also combining data that come from different sources. 

Knowage is available on two versions:
• the community edition, with the whole set of analytical capabilities, is part of the software stack managed by OW2 as SpagoBI always did;
• the enterprise edition, provided and guaranteed directly from Engineering Group - the leading Italian software and services company, with a commercial offering and some facilities for the administrator.


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