SeedStack is a lean development stack.

SeedStack is a full-stack solution enabling teams to build great applications easily and efficiently. It includes the best Java/Web technologies and promotes an architecture that scales from one developer to vast organizations. It is simple for the newcomer yet powerful and extensible for the seasoned developer.




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Adrien Lauer
Marius Matei



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Market Readiness Synthesis

SeedStack is the Java development framework internally developed by automotive giant PSA Group. It currently supports well over 100 applications, most of them mission-critical in all business units ranging from manufacturing to R&D and finance. The project’s initial development started in 2013 and it reached its maturity in 2017. It is a robust and well-designed modular platform  combining a common service base (configuration, user management, security, etc.) with APIs and plug-ins.  The project is kept up to date with three major releases each year in April, July and November. SeedStack claims to be suited for Domain-Driven Design approach and applications with stringent business rules and for REST micro-services.

Market Readiness Level

Project Market Readiness Level computed by OW2.

More on the definition and computation of Market Readiness Levels here.

Best Practices Implementation

Coverage of best practices in open source software development implemented by the project.

More on best practices and how they are collected here.

Project Profile  

Computation of the project's profile through five key attributes defined by OW2.

More on how project attributes are commputed here.

MRL Assessment Diagram

This page lists the control points used in our assessment of the project's market readiness with their normalised values. It shows how they are combined to form the model. Please go to the methodology overview for more on the model and data collection.

Sources of Raw Data

Please use the links in this section for the raw data used in our MRL modeling.