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Complete name   SeedStack
Submitter's Info   Adrien LAUER (
Project information   

SeedStack is a full-stack solution enabling teams to build great applications easily and efficiently. It includes the best Java/Web technologies and promotes an architecture that scales from one developer to vast organizations. It is simple for the newcomer yet powerful and extensible for the seasoned developer.

Description of the project and its goals   

The main goal is to provide a modular and coherent technological stack for building quality application and/or cloud services. SeedStack provide a base for seamlessly developing Java-based backend systems and Web frontend clients.

Various technologies are integrated through the notion of add-ons that you can add as-needed in your project. 

We aim for SeedStack to be an opinionated, light and extensible development solution.

Web site   
Targeted audience   

SeedStack is targeted at enterprise and individual developers that want a modern development stack to build applications or cloud services easier and faster. 

SeedStack is competing with other applicative development frameworks like Spring, Play! or Grails.

Supporting team   

The initial contributors for SeedStack are all affiliated with PSA Peugeot Citroën:

Adrien LAUER <>
Aymen ABBES <>
Emmanuel VINEL <>
Épo JEMBA <>
Florent BRUEL <>
Jean-Baptiste LENGLET <>
Jonathan DIDIOT <>
Laurent DIDIER <>
Pierre THIROUIN <>
Redouane LOULOU <>
Tuan DO CAO <>

Business model / Strategy   

Our goal with SeedStack is to provide a reference development stack, scalable from one developer to vast organizations. To do so, we have a very modular architecture which, while providing essential groundwork to users, is extensible and pluggable. 

We want our users to be able to use and extend the solution without much restriction. The Mozilla Public License allows to mix SeedStack with proprietary code and use it commercially but requires contributing back when modifying the solution itself.

This makes SeedStack business-friendly while ensuring that improvements to it can benefit every user.

User community   

The user community is small at the moment but includes about 200 developers at PSA Peugeot Citroën and CapGemini. 

We also have users evaluating SeedStack at Axa Data Innovation Labs and Malakoff Médéric (SI2M).


As a development tool, the whole codebase and its documentation are written in English. SeedStack provides tools and services to develop fully internationalized applications and cloud services.


SeedStack modules are released when needed, such as when new features have been completed or bugs have been fixed.

All SeedStack modules are packaged as a distribution three times a year, in April, July and November.

The official project roadmap is available here:


The source code is available on GitHub at This is a GitHub organization containing numerous code repositories. Each SeedStack component has its own code repository.

We plan to keep the code hosted on GitHub.

The website and the documentation is hosted on GitHub pages, available at

Your project and OW2   

SeedStack falls in the category of application frameworks. It allows to develop a very broad spectrum of application types, like CLI tools, REST micro-services or full-blown Web applications.

SeedStack would be at home with OW2, alongside the XWiki or Lutece projects which are addressing other types of development.

OW2 projects   

OW2 projects that could be integrated with SeedStack are:
- JORAM as an add-on
- Prelude which could be linked to the SeedStack security module for intrusion detection or metrics collection
- Bonita as an add-on for workflow management
- JOnAS for testing SeedStack against
- JOTM for providing standalone XA transactions to SeedStack applications

OW2 initiatives   

We are interested in the privacy and security initiative to share and implement best practices on SSO and identity/rights management.

We could also contribute to the open-source accessibility initiative to make our Web framework more compatible with accesibility techniques.

Technologies and standards   

SeedStack encompasses a lot of Java and Web technologies, whereas in the base frameworks or in the various add-ons freely available. 

The main technologies in the Java codebase are Google Guice for dependency injection, JAX-RS for REST, Servlet for Web handling and Apache Shiro for security.

The main technologies in the Web codebase are AngularJS, RequireJS and Bootstrap.

Contribution to the OW2 Community   

- Extend the OW2 code base with a sound and modern development solution for building a wide range of application.
- Share best practices in the areas of domain-driven design, microservices and develop new solutions based on these patterns.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community   

We want to join the OW2 consortium to integrate a widely known and well regarded open-source community. We want to increase the visiblity of the SeedStack project and be able to share our ideas and initiatives with other projects.

Other Information?   
License(s)   Mozilla Public License 2.0
Interested Parties   

Besides PSA Group, which uses SeedStack for more than 50 projects, we currently have several companies that are evaluating the solution:
- Malakoff Médéric
- AXA Data Inovation Lab

We also have several small projects that are already done with SeedStack on an individual level.

Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   05/08/2016