Ocs Inventory Server 2.9.2

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.9.2 has been released.

Web Console :

  • Add archive button on computer details page
  • Add local import
  • Add default type on SNMP
  • Add default deployment protocol on configuration
  • Add HARDWARE_ID field in netmap table
  • Add missing primary keys
  • Add cleanup of software related tables
  • Improve SNMP feature (add multiple conditions)
  • Improve SNMP v3
  • Improve LDAP filter configuration
  • Update software tables ID to BIGINT
  • Fix ipdiscover not displaying data from server scans
  • Fix check SSL configuration
  • Fix subnet table display
  • Fix custom theme
  • Fix duplicates count after merging
  • Fix inserting SNMP configuration with mib file
  • Fix security issues
  • Fix LDAP connection if default profil is empty

Communication server :

  • Improve SNMP feature
  • Improve SNMP v3
  • Improve Duplicate error log
  • Update IpDiscover util
  • Fix API JSON format