OCS Inventory Server 2.10.0

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.10.0 has been released.

Web console :

  • Add PHP8 compatibility
  • Add layout feature
  • Add archive/restore actions to GUI LOGS
  • Add CAS connection feature
  • Add custom interval configuration to Last Contact in dashboard
  • Add plugin deployment for unix systems
  • Add configuration to exclude archive machines from the interface
  • Improve archive/restore feature
  • Improve LDAP connection feature
  • Improve Software category regex display
  • Update password encryption
  • Fix subnets loading taking to much time on login
  • Fix activate package display for every language
  • Fix archive/restore action
  • Fix multisearch query if IS NULL operator
  • Fix software category deletion
  • Fix SNMP read mib files
  • Fix save search group for LDAP and CAS users
  • Fix rights on actions column
  • Fix CVE 2021-46355
  • Fix IpDiscover export
  • Fix IpDiscover bugs
  • Fix blank page after create networks type
  • Remove overriding of profile rights on extensions pages

Communication server :

  • Improve compare server version and user agent version
  • Fix software category inventory
  • Force update BIOS datas