MELODIC - Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimised Data-Intensive Computing Submission

Complete name   MELODIC - Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimised Data-Intensive Computing
Submitter's Info    Katarzyna Materka,,
Project information  

MELODIC is a European union sponsored project to develop a multi-cloud management platform by the same name. Beyond the project MELODIC platform will be developed by and offered on commercial basis.

Description of the project and its goals  

The main objective of the MELODIC project is optimize deployments of the applications into the multicloud environment and to enable data-aware application deployments on geographically distributed and federated cloud infrastructures.

Web site
Targeted audience  

● IT managers and chief architects
● Developers and providers of data-intensive application
● The cloud and big data research community

Supporting team  

Main support activity is handled by is a private Polish company specializing in software development and integration of IT systems. 7bulls is one of the most experienced cloud system integrators in Poland, with a wide range of cloud related services. In MELODIC, 7bulls is a key technology partner, and will be responsible for maintaining the framework beyond the funding period. Additionally, 7bulls has a status of Research & Development Center in Poland (CBR) and in France (CIR). R&D revenue is 23% of total company revenue (PLN 27M in 2017), own R&D investments are in the range of several million PLN per annum.

Below is the list of team members dedicated to support Melodic:
Katarzyna Materka Cloud Computing unit director
Michał Semczuk Project Manager
Paweł Skrzypek Chief Architect
Marcin Prusiński Technical Leader
Paweł Szkup Senior Developer
Marta Różańska Senior Developer
Łukasz Szymański Senior Developer
Mariusz Waśkowiec Senior Developer
Alicja Reniewcz Developer
Anna Wyszomirska Tester
Agnieszka Granda Tester
Partners of the Melodic consortium who provided significant contribution to Melodic development are supporting 7bulls’Melodic team in 3rd line of support if needed (list of partners and contributors can be delivered), however 7bulls team is able to support vast majority of cases without such help.

Business model / Strategy  

7Bulls and other industrial partners will secure funding for further development and promotion of the platform from additional revenues coming from the new business generated with the use of the MELODIC platform.

User community  

Once the framework is completed and exposed and the open source community is launched, our aim will be to extend this catalogue attracting external parties to reuse MELODIC for their own specific purposes. This way, we will aim to scale up MELODIC to impact the European software industry as a whole, making multi cloud a realistic option for a mass of app developers, mostly SMEs, by offering them the following benefits:
● Ability to grow and scale up by multi-cloud deployment
● Lower cost of cloud due to countering vendor lock-in
● Increased data confidentiality and reallocation transparency
● Optimised efficiency of computation on big data sets dispersed over multiple physical locations

Each of the industrial consortium partners will provide one use case scenario and execute one demonstrator to present how MELODIC can be reused by a variety of organisations in different contexts. The most typical scenarios explaining the exploitation model of MELODIC include:
● Data-intensive app owners seeking to scale-up by app market distribution model (use case 1 by CAS)
● Data-intensive application providers trying to enhance/upgrade their offering (use case 2 by CET)
● Software providers looking for ways to multiply and integrate the services offered to their customers (use case 3
and 4 by 7bulls)

Internationalization aims to offer Melodic around the world. Melodic is promoted on various
events across the world, just to naming the few recent or upcoming:

- OW2Con Paris
- CloudExpo Asia Singapore
- DataScienceGO San Diego USA
- TOOLS50 +1 Innopolis Russia

As the mutlicloud management platform, the Melodic has no limitation to be used accross the world.


Short term release plan:

  1. Release 2.0 - released April 2019 [released]
    2. Release 2.5 - planned for October 2019
    3. Release 3.0 - planned for January 2020
  2. Further improvements to Melodic platform and UI - mid 2020
    2. SaaS (selfservice) verison of Melodic - end of 2020
    3. Prediction capabilities for optimizing cloud deployments - beginning of 2021
    4. Support for Fog and Edge deployments - mid 2021
    The roadmap goes well beyond Melodic as H2020 project, funded by both commercial
    services revenue and other grants.

Currently project is hosted on our own infrastructure using Attlasian stack (Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo) for open source projects. After accpeted by OW2 the source code will be migrated to OW2 repository.

Your project and OW2  

MELODIC is based on and extends the OW2 PaaSage project ( It is natural development of that project. Also, Melodic could be a base platform for any cloud based OW2 project, extend their capabilities into cloud-agnostic, multicloud deployment.

OW2 projects  

Melodic project is based on the OW2 PaaSage project.

OW2 initiatives  

The OW2 Cloudware initiative and Big Data initiative fit perfectly to the Melodic
and the high level of synergies would be achieved to collaborate within these groups.

Technologies and standards  

Melodic uses technology provided by the PaaSage project. Also the standard technologies like containers, serverless, big data are used and modelling languages CAMEL (TOSCA based).

Contribution to the OW2 Community  

MELODIC is actively maintained and complete project, with clear roadmap. It allows for attract new open source developers and contributors. Also it could be used as base for the another dedicated project for various purposes so it could be considered as attractor of the new projects.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

OW2 is very actively managed and working open source consoritum. We have very
positive experience with working with OW2 representatives and very postive
feedback. Also the promotion capabilities of OW2 are very impressive. On the
technical side we think that cooperation with OW2 will be very beneficial for further development of the Melodic project.

Other Information?  

MELODIC platform is further developed within Functionizer project which aims to add serverless support to the platform. Also, the MELODIC platform will be
further developed within already funded H2020 project MORHPEMIC, which will start in January 2020.

License(s)   Mozilla Public License 2.0
Interested Parties  

Companies, external to the project which express interest in Melodic:
- AI Investments - Polish fintech startup which uses Melodic for optimizing machine learning training.
- Optimali - Polish mobility startup which uses Melodic to optimize car sharing
- Oktawave - Polish cloud provider integrated with Melodic.
- Algopolis - Polish fintech startup which plans to use Melodic as a basis for
their whole IT infrastructure.

Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   06/09/2019