LDAP slapd-cli 3.3 released!

ℹ What is slapd-cli?

slapd-cli is a Command Line Interface utility to manage OpenLDAP service (start, stop, restart) and administrative tasks like backup, recovery and status monitoring

🌟 What's new?

Automatic backup purge

New options have been created:


If you configure them, then old backup files (config and data) will be purged.

This allows to limit the size of the backup directory.

HAProxy proxy protocol

The PLDAP and PLDAPS URL schemes provide support for the HAProxy proxy protocol version 2, which allows a load balancer or proxy server to provide the remote client IP address to slapd to  be  used  for  access control or logging.

You can now configure them in slapd-cli.conf :


Client certificate authentifcation

When connecting to OpenLDAP to check synchronization status, you can now use client certificate authentication

Convert slapd.conf to cn=config at each startup

We know that cn=config is the modern way of configuring OpenLDAP, but it can annoy some system administrators.

We added the option CONVERT_CONF_AT_STARTUP to add the possibility to regenerated cn=config from slapd.conf at each startup. So you can maintain the configuration in slapd.conf and run the service with cn=config backend.

We still advise to get rid of slapd.conf and use only cn=config.

📃 Changelog

See full changelog on github.

⬇ Download

slapd-cli can be downloaded on LTB Website, it is also included in LTB OpenLDAP packages.