October 2023 status

5.5.0 is out, now planning 5.6.0

This month we released CryptPad 5.5.0 with the features that we covered in detail in the September status post.

We are now shifting our attention to the next release, 5.6.0, which is planned for the end of the calendar year.

With the recent growth of the team (+6 people in 2023, an increase of over 200%), we are still refining our work processes. For this release cycle we are testing GitHub Projects to triage and track issues. You can follow current work in the 5.6.0 project. The pull-requests addressing these issues and implementing features are visible in the 5.6.0 milestone as they are awaiting review and being merged into the staging branch. A higher level view including research projects is still available on our public roadmap.

preview of the 5.6.0 Project on GitHub

Community translation program

As you may know CryptPad is available in many languages (19 at the time of writing). The development team maintains the English and French translations, and other languages are translated by volunteers in the community. Unfortunately we are not able to compensate people financially for translation work but we offer free plans on CryptPad.fr as a token of gratitude (this means increased storage and priority support). We have been doing this informally for some time but have now taken the time to document this "program" officially.

Press & presentation

Our CEO Ludovic Dubost was interviewed by Website Planet about open-source and the control of "cloud" infrastructure.

David will present CryptPad at the Open Research Webinar organized by OW2 and Eclipse Foundation on 7th November. The event is online and free to attend if registered.

We were also happy to read a small mention of CryptPad in French newspaper Le Monde, as part of an article about ethical hosting collective CHATONS.

What's next

  • Work on supporting Single Sign On with various identity providers
  • Ongoing work on accessibility and mobile support
  • More things to include in the upcoming 5.6.0 release