December 2023 status

We present the December 2023 status post, and the team's best wishes to you and yours for 2024. This post was slightly delayed as all of our pre-holiday-break energies were focused on releasing CryptPad 5.6.0.

CryptPad 5.6.0 released


This release paves the way for the much awaited Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication in CryptPad instances. The 2nd piece of this feature is a plugin which we will release in January 2024. After this we will wrap up the AUTH project making CryptPad not only more secure with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) but also easier to integrate with identity providers and existing security infrastructure.

Speaking of 2FA, this release also adds the option to make it mandatory for all users of an instance.

️☑️ Form and Calendar improvements

The Form editor now allows to duplicate a question. Calendar events now have a description field. Both applications received lots of improvements (e.g. mobile usability) and bug fixes.

♿ Accessibility improvements to the drive and toolbars

Finally we are continuing to improve accessibility across CryptPad. In this release the toolbar becomes much more navigable with the keyboard and (most) menus can be used with arrow keys. We will keep pushing on this until full Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance.

Please see the changelog for the full list of improvements.

More teams for subscribers

This release includes a setting to set the number of teams for subscribed users of an instance. We have increased this limit on from 3 to 10 teams after receiving requests from our supporters. Enjoy these responsibly as joining many teams with lots data in each may impact loading time.

️ Presentation at Grenoble-Alpes University

Slide demonstrating CryptPad's encrypted collaboration between some cute penguin characters

For his first public speaking since joining the team in October, Fabrice presented CryptPad at the Jean Kuntzmann Lab seminar on December 20th. The presentation centered on the cryptography used in the project and the challenges ahead. The slide deck is available for more details.

☁️ CryptPad Cloud

At the end of 2023, a few clients showed interest in having their own CryptPad instance hosted and maintained by XWiki (our parent company). While it is still early days, it is safe to say that we will be increasing efforts to make CryptPad easier to test-deploy and customize in 2024. More on this soon!

Next up

  • XWiki CEO Ludovic Dubost is preparing our yearly budget update. It will be published on this blog in the coming weeks.
  • With all of the work now completed, we will be looking to officially wrap up our AUTH and Blueprints projects with NGI.