CLIF production release 2.3.5 is available for download

This new production version comes with a streamlined user experience, especially with its fully revised graphical tool for performance analysis. Users will also find a number of new features among existing load injection plug-ins and a brand new LDAP load injection plug-in.

In the detail:

  • Java compliance upgrade to 1.7
  • some fixes and improvements of the command line interface, including:
    • a new feature for waiting for the registry to be ready;
    • a new feature to get the list of CLIF servers involved in test plans;
    • support for white spaces in CLIF server names.
  • full revision of the embedded analysis and reporting tool, including a brand new HTML output based on a CSS definition
  • ISAC plug-ins:
    • full revision and upgrade of the LdapInjector;
    • fixed primitives wasNotified and wasNotifiedN in commons' Synchro plug-in;
    • in the HTtpInjector, added new control primitive setErrorResponseCodes to enable the successful status to depend on the HTTP response code.
    • new not_test_and_test condition in Counter plug-in
  • fixed problem with multi-lines results in action reports file
  • big code base clean-up with a lot of dead code removal