RocketChat Submission

Complete name   RocketChat
Submitter's Info   Gabriel Engel, CEO,
Project information  

Rocket.Chat is a powerful open source web chat server, similar in function to Slack, enabling team collaborations and communications. Rocket.Chat is scalable from the smallest two-persons project team, to enterprise with tens of thousands of users.

Rocket.Chat has a modern chat interface that supports emojis, reactions, link previews, voice, photos, and video.  Major features of Rocket.Chat include documents sharing, voice messages, as well as video and audio conferencing; private groups and off the record messages allow encrypted private conversations. Public channels enable collaboration across departments and with partners. 

The server can be deployed in all the popular public and private clouds, as well as on-premise with hardware ranging from Raspberry Pi to clusters of high power servers.

The code is highly modular and designed from day one to be totally extensible, customizable, and programmable. It features support for a large set of REST APIs as well as real-time streaming API. 

Rocket.Chat supports simple extensibility through easy-to-create bots (via hubot standard), plus both incoming and outgoing web-hook integrations to other services and/or applications.

The server can be integrated with existing applications and systems, and supports Oauth and Single Sign On technologies including LDAP, SAML, CAS, Okta, Oauth 2, and more. It supports Chat-ops integration through widely available bots that interfaces with leading code repositories including GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and Atlassian.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are immediately available via Apple AppStore and Android Play.  In addition, desktop apps for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux are also available in installable packages.  All clients are 100% open source and customizable.

Description of the project and its goals  

Rocket.Chat is created as an open communications and collaboration platform for the world.   Our goal is become the common fabric and protocol upon which global realtime communications will be conducted through. 

Web site
Targeted audience  

Teams with need for realtime communications and collaboration.  

Users wanting a web chat or messenger solution, but need control over data privacy.

Any groups that may need a free-to-deploy web chat or mobile messenger solution.

Vendors looking to integrate a real-time group chat capability within their products.

Developers looking for a platform that supports robust and scalable one to one and one to many messaging.

Supporting team  

Gabriel Engel, Founder and Core Develoer,
Rodrigo Nascimento, Core Developer,
Diego Sampaio, Core Developer,
Marcelo Schmidt, Core Developer,
Sing Li, Core Developer,
Aaron Ogle, Core Developer,
Bradley Hilton, Core Developer,

Supported by a recent venture investment from New Enterprise Associates (

Business model / Strategy  
  • globally, become the most deployed and used chat and messaging server platform through the open source community and free deployment; all user features will always be available in the open source server
  • create a thriving global marketplace of plugins, add-ons, integration, and value-added services through a partner's network, as well as in-app marketplace 
  • develop scalability and performance enhancements for large enterprises and offer that as an enterprise plugin
  • enable inter-server communications and service deployments via federation
User community  

A community of over 123,000 registered user on our instance of the community Rocket.Chat server at

A community of over 280+ active code contributors on GitHub:

We have tracked over 100,000 servers activations globally:

Over 1 million downloads of our official docker container by an active DevOps user community:


Rocket.Chat is being actively deployed and used in 30+ countries.  We have a large and active translation team of community members from these countries.

  • build high performance native mobile apps
  • create marketplace for plugins, integration, and services
  • continue to extend feature coverage of REST API and integrations
  • add federation of servers
  • develop scalability and monitoring add-ons for enterprise deployments

Project source code is hosted on GitHub:

Extensive documentation hosted here:

Your project and OW2  

Rocket.Chat provides a solution for teams within OW2 organizations to communicate and collaborate in real time.

Rocket.Chat enables OW2 organizations to communicate and collaborate with one another.

Rocket.Chat offers a one-to-one and group messaging platform that OW2 members can utilize in their integration and product development.

OW2 projects  

Any middleware that can works with webhook styled integration or can call to REST API can be adapted to work with or integrate with the Rocket.Chat platform for all one-to-one or group messaging needs.

OW2 initiatives  

Groups within OW2 can use Rocket.Chat for communications and collaboration.

Technologies and standards  

Ecmascript 6, WebRTC, Websocket, LDAP, SAML, CAS, Oauth, REST, Meteor

Contribution to the OW2 Community  

We will assist OW2 to deploy and configure Rocket.Chat for internal and cross team communications and collaboration.

We will work with any OW2 community member interested in integrating our platform with their project and/or products.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

To introduce the consortium and its community to Rocket.Chat as a messaging and collaboration platform.

To extend and expand the user base of Rocket.Chat across the OW2 membership organizations and their users.

Other Information?   
License(s)   MIT License
Interested Parties   
Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   12/05/2016