PaaSage is a model-based Cloud Platform Upperware.

The main objective of PaaSage is to deliver an open and integrated platform to support both design and deployment of Cloud applications, together with an accompanying methodology that allows model-based development, configuration, optimisation, and deployment of existing and new applications independently of the existing underlying Cloud infrastructures.

There are sub-goals set for each of the three main parts of the PaaSage platform defined as: (1) the application modelling; (2) the upper ware; (3) the execution ware; and (4) the meta-data layer. It is important to remember that PaaSage is about autonomic deployment decisions. Thus, after the interactive application modelling, the user of PaaSage will choose to deploy the model. At that point PaaSage is a middleware autonomously optimising and adapting the application for its current execution context.

The objectives of the modelling language is to design and standardise an open, powerful, and expressive modelling language for Cloud-independent modelling of enterprise systems with the desired preferences and constraints, focusing on architectural styles and characteristics of the Cloud computing paradigm; and provide editors and tools supporting the modelling language and supporting the developer in the task of optimising the application.

The objectives of the upper ware is to provide context aware solvers enabling continuous optimisation of a running application, and to provide safe and efficient adaptation mechanisms to modify the currently deployed application to the better configuration, preferably without stopping the running application.

The objective of the execution ware is to provide mappers and generators allowing a modelled Cloud application to be deployed in a distributed environment, interacting with multiple Cloud providers if needed.

The objective for the meta-data infrastructure is to define meta-data relevant for Cloud services, and provide mechanisms to acquire the meta-data and critical performance indicators from running applications and to reuse the historical meta-data available on the services in the application design and deployment.




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The latest version of the PaaSage Platform can be installed using the script available at the following address in the repository:

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