FusionDirectory Submission

Complete name FusionDirectory
Submitter's Info Mortier Benoit CEO OpenSides benoit.mortier@opensides.be
Project information

FusionDirectory provides a solution to daily management of data stored in an LDAP directory.

Becoming the cornerstone of the information system, the corporate directory becomes more complex, offering more and more data and managing more and more infrastructure services.

FusionDirectory aims to be a modular rich web interface that allows to manage your directory effortlessly and packed with features helping for day to day management.

Description of the project and its goals

The goal of the project is to become the standard interface for the management of LDAP servers and a reference platform for integrating custom infrastructure needs through an API making it easy to develop new plugins.

Web site 
Targeted audience

FusionDirectory is targeted to the management of LDAP servers, it can be used by various people of different levels due to his interface and delegation systems.

Supporting team

Since the project is more than 4 years old now we have a vibrant community. We have 194 users registered on the forge, 25 daily on the irc channel, and several patch contributed by users at each minor release.

OpenSides, editor, provides support, training, plugin development and LDAP plugin auditing for others free software projects.

Business model / Strategy

The FusionDirectory project is a not-for-profit organisation.

User community

We have a vibrant user community from around the globe, America, Africa, Indonesia, South America, Indonesia and Europe of Course.

As all free software projects, we only know people who contact us, but it is rather large as reported by our analytics for the FusionDirectory website.


All languages are welcome and the project is translated in a free software way with the help of Transifex. We also support languages written from right to left.



The provisional roadmap is at https://www.fusiondirectory.org/roadmap/.

The software being more and more used in the professional world, the roadmap evolves with the new plugins due to contracting work.


The documentation, code, mailing-lists are available on the project infrastructure. The git repositories are synchronized read-only with GitHub.

If FusionDirectory becomes an OW2 project, our own infrastructure will still be used.

Your project and OW2

FusionDirectory will become a component of the new OW2 infrastructure management platform, its role is infrastructure management.

OW2 projects

We already collaborate with projects like LemonLDAP::NG for SSO systems.


FusionDirectory aims to be a part of the Security and Privacy initiative of OW2

Technologies and standards

We use PHP5 and soon PHP7 in an object oriented approach, we developed an API called simpleplugin to help users build plugins around FusionDirectory. This API abstracts the complexity of OpenLDAP and of the storage of structured information inside FusionDirectory.

Contribution to the OW2 Community

Giving access to a free software that will make LDAP simpler, reduce overhead of managing identities, systems and services. Overall making the promise of simple management of infrastructure possible today. 

Motivations to join the consortium and its community

Our motivation is to get this important infrastructure software into the consortium and its community to show that the opensource is more than ready to handle complicated infrastructure needs.

We also want to show than the opensource approach make it possible to deliver products that are easy to use, have great interfaces and flexible enough to be  easily adapted to the moving ground that is infrastructure / cloud and IoT.

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License(s) GNU General Public License v2.0 only
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Submission date 19/04/2016