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Complete name   Zenroom
Submitter's Info   Andrea D'Intino, andrea@dyne.org
Project information   

Crypto VM for database and blockchain

Zenroom is a tiny and portable virtual machine that integrates in any application to authenticate and restrict access to data and execute human-readable smart contracts. 

Description of the project and its goals   

Zenroom is a modern VM, written in ANSI C99, that performs modern cryptography and executes smart constracts, operating in a highly deterministic and isolated mode. 

Web site   https://zenroom.org/ 
Targeted audience   

Software developers, IT and infrastructure engineers, cryptographers. 

Supporting team   

Zenroom is developed within the framework of the Horizon 2020 CAPS "DECODE" project: https://decodeproject.eu/
We have 3 software developers working on it and in all we're about 15 people in the team. We have received funding from the DECODE project as well as two other Horizon 2020 projects: ledgerproject.eu and ReFlow. 

Business model / Strategy   

Zenroom is open source and licensed under AGPL. We're open to consultation and custom development as well as to do selling exceptions or relicensing for our code, in order to make it compatible for closed-source embedding. We would do this in a win-win situation. In absence of incentives our code is licensed AGPLv3.

User community   

We're about to begin pushing the project: https://github.com/DECODEproject/zenroom/ 


A Zenroom smart contract (written in Zencode) is easy to understand by any English speaker, can be written with minimal training and can be localized inside Zenroom. Zenroom is a standalone virtual-machine so it can run in a Blockchain-agnostic environment and can use a file or a regular database for input/output, optionally along with a Blockchain. This should ease the integration of Zenroom in international, and multilingual services.


The portability of Zenroom code will be key in the future developments. Written in C language, it doesn't need specific hardware and can run on a variety of devices, including PCs, mobile phones, Raspberry Pi, and ultra low voltage ARM Cortex M boards. We are currently working on: 

  • refining Zencode and adding commands
  • including more cryptographic schemes (threshold cryptography, multiple signatures)
  • growing its boilerplate to:
    • support more blockhains r/w
    • support ontologies 

As an OW2 project, the Zenroom software code and documentation will be hosted and/or mirrored on the OW2 IT infrastructure.

Your project and OW2   

Through several H2020 projects (DECODE, Ledgerproject and ReFlow), Zenroom has received founding from the European Commission. As an OW2 open source project, Zenroom software technologies can start a new market-oriented development lifecycle, and join existing OW2 projects in relevant enterprise class solutions.  

OW2 projects   

Nine OW2 projects are already federated within the OW2 PRISi initiative and focused on Privacy and Security. Next Zenroom community activities with OW2 could start with some of them, upon technical or business opportunities.

OW2 initiatives   

Zenroom fits well in the OW2 PRISi initiative, focused on Privacy and Security. It would be the tenth security project mentionned in this initiative. More about OW2 PRISi: https://www.ow2.org/view/PRISi/ 

Technologies and standards   

Zenroom is written in ANSI C99, it contains a LUA interpreter and Milagro crypto-libraries (used for math primitives). We are members of the ISO TC307 committee for the standardization of blockchain. 

Contribution to the OW2 Community   

Zenroom brings to the OW2 community:

  • its "smart contracts in natural language" approach 
  • modern crytpograpic scheme (Elliptic curve pairing)
  • advanced cryptographic schemes (attribute based credential, based on UCL's "Coconut" paper https://arxiv.org/pdf/1802.07344.pdf )
  • Zenroom is highly extremely portable and runs on most commercial hardware and OS
Motivations to join the consortium and its community   

Within the OW2 community, the Zenroom team plans to reach more IT professionals, developers, integrators and decision makers attending international industry events and open source conferences such as the OW2 annual conference OW2con. The blockchain expertise brought by Zenroom might also trigger new collaborations with OW2 members, partners or associate organisations.

Other Information?   
License(s)   GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
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Submission date   22/07/2019