TOREADOR Lab Submission

Complete name   TOREADOR Lab
Submitter's Info   Ernesto Damiani , Paolo Ceravolo
Project information  

TOREADOR Lab is a framework for Model-driven Design and Deployment of Big Data pipelines supporting accountability, reproducibility, and verifiability of the design specifications.

The repository is available at:

Description of the project and its goals  

The TOREADOR Lab aims at providing a platform that supports customers lacking Big Data expertise in the management of BDA and deployment of a full Big Data pipeline. It can be seen as a function that takes as input users’ Big Data goals and preferences, and returns as output a ready-to-be executed Big Data pipeline.

A set of industry-dependent declarative goals can be used by the user in order to drive the subsequent design steps. We argue that identifying a core set of standard declarative goals is an important step towards increasing transparency of the commitments taken by Big Data service providers, as well as the awareness of users adopting a Big Data solution. Declarative goals present a way for measuring or assessing a business goal, such as analytics tasks or regulatory constraints on personal data protection, and are accompanied by Big Data objectives representing the target to be achieved for fulfilling the goal.

Similarly, using a platform-independent representation for specifying Big Data pipelines will give visibility to compositional aspects that often remain internals and invisible when vendor specific solutions are imported. Moreover, the explicit representation of these compositional aspects makes possible to store and reuse a solution increasing accountability and reproducibility. The end-to-end verifiability of specifications is also facilitated by a model-driven approach making specifications indexable and queriable.

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Targeted audience  

Users with different skills and expertise can benefit by using the TOREADOR Lab. Users lacking proper data science expertise (e.g., modeling, analysis, problem-solving) can use the TOREADOR Lab for preparing the real analytics, reason on data to find out hidden patterns and information, and solve business problems. Users lacking expertise proper of data engineers (e.g., builds a robust and fault-tolerant data pipeline, install a Big Data system) can use the TOREADOR Lab to automatically identify and deploy the proper set of technologies that accomplish their requirements. Users lacking both types of expertise can use the TOREADOR Lab for a proper initiation in the Big Data realm.

Supporting team  

The TOREADOR Lab was initially delivered as a result of the H2020 Toreador project.
It is now actively supported by CINI and Engineering (ENG) that consider it an enabler for data-driven innovation in organizations.

Business model / Strategy  

This project is backed by CINI and Engineering that aims to evolve it in connection with their future research activities. However, following a strategy already adopted during its creation, the contributions that the community of users will provide, as a result of on the ground adoptions, will offer an essential booster to the evolution of the project.

User community  

The H2020 TOREADOR project created a user community that will benefit from the continuity offered by transferring the TOREADOR Lab within the setting of an Open Source community.


All the documentation of the TOREADOR Lab is provided in English and interconnects with international Open Source projects such as the Apache Spark project.


The first step is to provide the source code of each component of the project with containers to allow easy deployment of them.

The second step is to provide a detailed installation guide for each component of TOREADOR Lab.

The final step would be to offer an online demo with access to the administration interface integrating the different components.


Your project and OW2  

The TOREADOR Lab is designed to be multi-platform and can be integrated with other platforms.

OW2 projects  

The Knowage and Talend project expressed their interest inn the Toreador Lab

OW2 initiatives  

ENG is among the founders of the Big Data Initiative 

Technologies and standards  

Different standards are exploited to make the TOREADOR Lab compatible with the SotA: JSON-LD, OWL-S, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Oozie. 

Contribution to the OW2 Community   
Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

The OW2 code repository and the Open Source approach and practices followed in the OW2 community fit very well with our vision and for this reason, represent a paramount opportunity to spread our project.

Other Information?   
License(s)   Apache License 2.0
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Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   11/07/2018