Telosys is a lightweight code generator designed to reduce developers workload and to bootstrap any kind of project.

Telosys offers a simple and pragmatic approach for code generation.

Telosys can be used to generate code for any type of language (Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C #, HTML, Scala, Go, etc.) with any type of framework (AngularJS, JPA, Spring MVC, etc).
All templates are customizable, so you generate exactly what you want.

For more information see Telosys web site

Telosys Command Line Interface (CLI)
Telosys CLI allows to use all the Telosys core features with a simple and light Command Line Interface.

Telosys Eclipse Plugin
Telosys can be used easily in Eclipse using the plugin available on Eclipse Marketplace.

Telosys Sources
All Telosys sources are hosted on GitHub :

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GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 only



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VCS repository(ies)

- type: git
- type: git
- type: git
- type: svn (old project "telosys framework" archive)

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Laurent Guerin



Market Readiness Synthesis

Initially created to reduce the workload of a large Java development project, Telosys is now a code generator that can be used for any type of language. It is stable and currently widely used to generate Java, Python, PHP and C# source code (among others). With over 10,000 installations per year, Telosys is a reasonably popular community project even if as such it is not supported by an established business structure and financing. Telosys compares to any state-of-the-art code generator. 

Market Readiness Level

Project Market Readiness Level computed by OW2.

More on the definition and computation of Market Readiness Levels here.

Best Practices Implementation

Coverage of best practices in open source software development implemented by the project.

More on best practices and how they are collected here.

Project Profile  

Computation of the project's profile through five key attributes defined by OW2.

More on how project attributes are commputed here.

MRL Assessment Diagram

This page lists the control points used in our assessment of the project's market readiness with their normalised values. It shows how they are combined to form the model. Please go to the methodology overview for more on the model and data collection.

Sources of Raw Data

Please use the links in this section for the raw data used in our MRL modeling.