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Complete name   OLE Automation bridge for Visual DialogScript
Submitter's Info   Ivan Levashev <>
Project information   

Visual DialogScript is a rapid application development studio with long history. It has got many plugins to extend its abilities. Yet it lacked an universal interface to the rich diversity of OLE Automation libraries. There are many of them, given that Visual Basic, VBScript, JScript, Python and many more are able to interface with them. VDS was not in this list until recently.

Description of the project and its goals   

Let Visual DialogScript create OLE Automation objects and invoke arbitrary methods on them using IDispatch. Another goal that makes this bridge stand out, is the ability to make requests in separate threads if library supports MTA - a feature that most other bridges do not provide. Speaking text, connecting to SFTP server - any action can be performed asynchronously, without freezing the UI. The source code can serve as a sample of marshaling object references between STA and MTA.

The project is ready and tested.

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Targeted audience   

Developers using Visual DialogScript

Supporting team   

Levashev Ivan Aleksandrovich

Business model / Strategy   

Selling improvement services

Project can serve as personal portfolio for attracting orders not related to VDS and/or OLE

User community   

Developers using Visual DialogScript


English, but the bridge itself should not produce much text


No plans until further requests appear. There is a room for improvement, but need to start gathering feedback. Project is currently kept private, so no feedback.


OW2 GitLab desired (octagram account on GitLab reached limit of 2 projects)

Your project and OW2   

OW2 hosts projects related to object-oriented middleware. OLE Automation is object-oriented, and bridge to OLE automation is middleware.

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Technologies and standards   

OLE Automation
Component Object Model

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Desire to check OW2 as a platform for more advanced projects. Unlike other FLOSS hostings, OW2 has some presence in China. My interests are about middleware, and it matches OW2 profile, although I specialize on native machine code mostly.

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License(s)   Apache License 2.0
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Submission date   11/07/2018