Spoon is an open-source library for analyzing and transforming Java source code.

Spoon provides a complete and fine-grained Java metamodel where any program element (classes, methods, fields, statements, expressions...) can be accessed both for reading and modification. Spoon takes as input source code and produces transformed source code ready to be compiled. It is usable for instance for code quality analysis, instrumentation and monitoring, static analysis, dynamic analysis.


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  • 2019/02/10 - Spoon 7.3.0 is released
  • 2018/07/05 - Spoon 7.0.0 is released, with support for Java 10
  • 2017/12/20 - Spoon 6.1.0 is out, with full support for Java 9

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Martin Monperrus


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With initial development going back to 2005, Spoon is a stable, rock-solid library for tweaking Java programs. It does at the source code level what ASM does at bytecode level. Spoon is an official Inria open-source project maintained by a core team of researchers and academics who leverage it for their research papers. Support is provided via the issue tracker, consulting is available via the website. Spoon is an alternative to another comparable open source project called JavaParser.

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