SPECTRE Submission

Complete name   SPECTRE
Submitter's Info   Damien Poully, Orange, damien.poully@orange.com
Project information  

SPECTRE is a dashboarding tool with macro indicators. SPECTRE could be used by everyone no matter the technical background.Everything is simple to configure and to share. Cause SPECTRE wants to bring the DevOPS values ​​of sharing and measurements.

Description of the project and its goals  

To be able to do more SPECTRE needs  more connectors. These connectors permits to extract data from API or Json files. We're currently developing one for excel files. 

Web site   
Targeted audience  

People who wants to use it  for any goals. We need feedback to improve it.

But overall we need people with their ideas and their desires to obtain new connectors. Connectors for social media, for IoT, for everything contributors could think about.

Supporting team  

People to contact about SPECTRE :

Business model / Strategy   
User community   

Current codebase is hosted on OW2 Gitlab: https://gitlab.ow2.org/SPECTRE/spectre-project

Your project and OW2  

We want to be in a win-win  relation. We will publish the work done in intern and each update. And we hope people will appreciate SPECTRE and will contribute with new connectors.

OW2 projects   
OW2 initiatives  

Dashboard tools could match with us. At least they will give us ideas about which connector we could create

Technologies and standards  

Front : AngularJS, HTML, CSS
Back : JAVA (springboot), maven

We have a  scheduler in scala.

Contribution to the OW2 Community  

We think that SPECTRE is innovaytive in the dashboarding sector thanks to his simplicity and his collaborative aspect. So we hope he will be very useful for the community.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

Orange's project

Other Information?   
License(s)   Apache License 2.0
Interested Parties   
Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   21/06/2018