OCS Inventory Submission

Complete name   OCS Inventory
Submitter's Info   Damien Belliard - BU Asset Manager - damien.belliard@ocsinventory-ng.org
Project information  

Open Computers and Software Inventory is an assets management and deployment solution

Description of the project and its goals  

Open Computers and Software Inventory is an assets management and deployment solution. Since 2001, OCS Inventory has been looking for making software and hardware more powerful. OCS Inventory asks its agents to know the software and hardware composition of every computer or server.
OCS Inventory also ask to discover network’s elements which can’t receive an agent. Since the version 2.0, OCS Inventory take in charge the SNMP scans functionality. This functionality’s main goal is to complete the data retrieved from the IP Discover scan. These SNMP scans will allow you to add a lot more informations from your network devices : printers, scanner, routers, computer without agents
OCS Inventory includes the packet deployment functionality to be sure that all of the softwares environments which are on the network are the same. From the central management server, you can send the packets which will be downloaded with HTTP/HTTPS and launched by the agent on client’s computer. The OCS deployment is configured to make the packets less impactable on the network. OCS is used as a deployment tool on IT stock of more 150 000 devices.

Web site   https://www.ocsinventory-ng.org
Targeted audience  

IT Administrator. 

Supporting team  

OCS Inventory Team (community)
FactorFX Team (professional)

Business model / Strategy  

OpenSource Project
Support and professional service by Factorfx

User community  



No yet. It's only by github pull request


The roadmap is evolving according to customer needs. 


The project are available on Github : 


Your project and OW2  

Participate in Research projects, participate in events and conferences.  

OW2 projects  

There are many synergies opportunities with OW2 projects, such as GLPI. Other potential synergies with the OW2 code base will be investigated later, for example with FusionDirectory. 

OW2 initiatives   
Technologies and standards  


Contribution to the OW2 Community  

Provide expertise and management of IT software and hardware in place to other members. 

Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

Get advantage of actions held by the community to extend OCS visibility within the french ecosystem and abroad, and find new collaboration opportunities. 

Other Information?   
License(s)   GNU Free Documentation License v1.3 GNU General Public License v2.0 only GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Submission date   11/07/2018