Ocs Inventory Server 2.9.1

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.9.1 has been released.

Web console :

  • Add CVE by computer crontab
  • Add CVE in computer details
  • Add architecture column to softwares
  • Add serial number to group table
  • Add commented line to disable SSL verification on CVE cURL call
  • Add software removal if not linked to any current hardware
  • Improve update agent script from deployment
  • Update Deutsh translation
  • Update memory capacity to INT
  • Fix admindata select type in multisearch
  • Fix typo in French translation
  • Fix MySQL reserved word conflict from upload file
  • Fix real path from crontab
  • Fix CVE links
  • Fix duplicates
  • Fix CVE computer version
  • Fix IpDiscover identified networks
  • Fix display select and checkbox accountinfo in computers per tag
  • Fix multisearch wrong translation
  • Fix update agent script compatibility with old powershell version
  • Fix deployment success stats
  • Fix MySQL 8 compatibility when deleting computers
  • Fix special chars for LDAP password
  • Remove redistribution from deployment
  • Remove useless file ms_tele_package.php

Communication server :

  • Add architecture column to software
  • Make API not reachable by everone by default
  • Fix Perl warning in Software.pm and SoftwareCategory.pm
  • Fix software API route
  • Fix IpDiscover API route
  • Fix double encode of json in API
  • Fix software installation date wrong format for Windows and Linux