Ocs Inventory Server 2.8

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.8 has been released.

Note : all feature mentionned in this changelog have their documention available on our wiki.

Webconsole :

  • Rework SNMP Interface and configuration
  • Rework IPDiscover manager
  • Rework LDAP Authenticaiton
  • Rework Auth backend
  • Rework software inventory data structure
  • Add MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Add ASCII code management on deployment messages
  • Add "is not empty" criteria on multi search
  • Add computer archive feature
  • Add IPDiscover scan split by TAG
  • Add CVE Matching regex
  • Add chinese translation
  • Add perl injector related inventory on main dashboard
  • Update German translation
  • Improve CVE Inventory
  • Improve translation on deployment form
  • Move networks submenu to inventory menu for better visibility
  • Fix date interval search on multi criteria
  • Fix IPDiscover subnet blacklist
  • Fix CVE-2020-14947
  • Fix stats to match user TAG restrictions
  • Fix CSV export to match table show / hide configuration
  • Fix minor bugs on CVE Inventory
  • Fix deployment estimation time when editing a packaged
  • Fix deployment fragment bug
  • Fix small package deployment (< 1024 bytes)
  • Fix a bug on MySQL SSL connection
  • Typos fix
  • Minor bug fix

Communication server :

  • Add MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Update API for snmp / ipdiscover / computers software
  • Fix ambiguous SQL Query on devices table
  • Fix REST API Search endpoint
  • Fix setup crash on splitted install
  • Fix deadlock on software inventory
  • Remove SOAP::Lite dependency
  • Minor bug fix

Other Tools:

  • Windows packager releases to 2.8

Plugins :

  • Plugin for Azure VM / host inventory
  • Plugin for Nutanix VM / host inventory
  • Plugin vsphere inventory using powershell Connect-VI tools