OCS Inventory

OCS Inventory : Open Computers and Software Inventory is an assets management and deployment solution

Open Computers and Software Inventory is an assets management and deployment solution. Since 2001, OCS Inventory has been looking for making software and hardware more powerful. OCS Inventory asks its agents to know the software and hardware composition of every computer or server.
OCS Inventory also ask to discover network’s elements which can’t receive an agent. Since the version 2.0, OCS Inventory take in charge the SNMP scans functionality. This functionality’s main goal is to complete the data retrieved from the IP Discover scan. These SNMP scans will allow you to add a lot more informations from your network devices : printers, scanner, routers, computer without agents
OCS Inventory includes the packet deployment functionality to be sure that all of the softwares environments which are on the network are the same. From the central management server, you can send the packets which will be downloaded with HTTP/HTTPS and launched by the agent on client’s computer. The OCS deployment is configured to make the packets less impactable on the network. OCS is used as a deployment tool on IT stock of more 150 000 devices.




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A project initiated by French Gendarmerie Nationale 20 years ago, OCSInventory is now a reliable mature product registered in the official catalog of recommended free software for the French public sector. While still supervised by a community of users, the evolutions of the product are provided by the core team of maintainers employed by SME FactorFX which also offers consulting and professional support plans. With ten to twenty thousand downloads per month, OCSInventory is used worldwide and FactorFX is currently developing a network of international partners to provide local support.

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