Nuun is a powerful inversion control micro-framework used as foundation to build enterprise class stack and industrial grade applications.

Nuun brings a clean kernel/plugin design plus a JSR 330 compliant injection mechanism backed by Google Guice. 

The Kernel/Plugin protocol allows an extensibility and modularity by providing more cohesion and less coupling. 

Nuun makes a clear separation between technical/stack developers and business developers. Stack developers will define convention and high level technical aspects by creating plugins. Then business developers will be free from configuration and will be able to focus on business issues not technical issues.

Nuun offers a great API/SPI to be fully extended and is intended to have a large plugins market place. Via its SPI Nuun is fully compatible with the major dependency injection frameworks (Spring,etc ...).

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Epo Jemba / Senior Software Architect @ Kametic


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GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 only


JSR 330 (Dependency Injection for Java)

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