LDAP Synchronization Connector Submission

Complete name   LDAP Synchronization Connector
Submitter's Info   Clément OUDOT
Project information  

LSC is a synchronization engine used in identity projects for user/group provisionning and synchronization between heterogeneous bases (LDAP, Active Directory, databases, WebServices...)

Description of the project and its goals  

LDAP Synchronization Connector synchronize data from any data source including databases, LDAP directories or files by reading, transforming and comparing these data between the source and the target referentials. These connectors can then be used to continuously synchronize a data source to a directory, for a one shot import or just to compare differences by outputting CSV or LDIF format reports.

LSC offers a powerful transformation engine, based on a scripting language, to easily manipulate data on the fly.

Various identity management functions are included for directory-specific compatibility — most notably Active Directory (changing passwords, account status, last logon, etc …).

LSC is an open source project written in Java, available under the BSD license.

Web site   https://lsc-project.org/
Targeted audience  

System administrators

Supporting team  

See the current team here: https://lsc-project.org/about/contributors

LSC is now mostly maintained by Worteks (https://www.worteks.com)

Business model / Strategy  

LSC is free software without any business model

User community  

A lot of people are already using LSC. Some of them are listed here: https://lsc-project.org/about/currentusers


LSC is a low level tool, all is in English.


We maintain 2.1 branch and plan to release 2.1.5.

We also have a major version (2.2) which still need work before release.


Source code is hosted on github : https://github.com/lsc-project/

Your project and OW2  

LSC could be added to OW2 IAM stack.

OW2 projects  

LSC is a component of FusionIAM (https://gitlab.ow2.org/fusioniam). It is often used with FusionDirectory and LemonLDAP::NG

OW2 initiatives   
Technologies and standards  

Mostly written in Java. It uses LDAP standard.

Contribution to the OW2 Community   
Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

Main motivation is to gather all FusionIAM parts in OW2, and benefits of OW2 infrastructure for community.

Other Information?   
License(s)   BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License
Interested Parties   
Terms and conditions acceptance  

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Submission date   24/09/2019