LemonLDAP::NG 2.16.1 is out!

This is a patch version for 2.0.16 / 2.16

⚠ Please follow upgrade notes if you upgrade from a previous version!

πŸ”’ Versioning

As explained when 2.0.16 was released, we try to respect as mush as possible Semantic Versionning. 2.16.1 is the patch version of 2.0.16.

Next minor version will be 2.17.0.

πŸ” Security

1 security issue has been fixed:

  • Issue #2896 : [CVE-2023-28862] AuthBasic does not handle failure correctly

If you use AuthBasic Handler and 2FA, you need to read carefully the upgrade notes.

🌟 Other fixed bugs

  • #2871: Possible bug in manager related to adaptativeAuthenticationLevelRules
  • #2876: Errors in Manager FR translations
  • #2877: Captcha in login form is not displayed in case of back-end error
  • #2879: llnglanguage cookie should set "Secure" flag
  • #2887: URL parameter for Register and CertificateResetByMail plugins are not taken into account

πŸ“ƒ Changelog

The full changelog can be found here.

⬇ Download

Use the official repositories (Debian/RPM), our Docker image or get the archives.