LemonLDAP::NG 1.9.22 is out!

This is a minor release for LemonLDAP::NG 1.9.

This new version provides the support of SameSite flag for cookies, now needed by recent browsers. If you experience such problems, you can now set the value None to the configuration parameter sameSite, for example with lemonldap-ng-cli :

lemonldap-ng-cli -yes 1 set sameSite None

The full changelog can be seen here: https://gitlab.ow2.org/lemonldap-ng/lemonldap-ng/-/milestones/70

Note that 1.9 is the old stable version, you are encouraged to migrate your installation to 2.0 version, following this documentation: https://lemonldap-ng.org/documentation/latest/upgrade

They made this release:

  • Core team: Maxime Besson, Xavier Guimard, Christophe Maudoux and Clément Oudot
  • Organizations: Gendarmerie Nationale, Worteks, Clermont Auvergne Metropole

If you use LemonLDAP::NG and enjoy it, please let us know: