LTB Service Desk 0.5 released!

ℹ What is Service Desk?

LDAP Tool Box Service Desk is a web application for administrators and support teams. It allows to browse accounts in an LDAP directory, view and update their status. It also provide some dashboards (locked accounts, expired accounts, idle accounts, ...)

🌟 What's new?

PHP 8 support

The main work in this version was focused on PHP 8 compatibility, as it introduces some changes in php-ldap (mostly the deprecation of ldap_sort method).

We decided to create a common framework for all LTB PHP applications, available trough composer:

Warning: The minimal required version is now PHP 7.4

Value displayers

We added new value displayers :

  • timestamp: timestamp converted to full date
  • dn_link: convert DN into link to account display page
  • address: convert address string to multi-lines

See all available displayers :

Audit trail

As Service Desk is a security oriented application, you can now log all actions done trough it. You will need to set an HTTP header to log the identity of the connected administrator.

Learn more on


You can now configure a prehook besides posthook, that will be triggered before the reset of the password. A use case is to refuse a password before submitting it to LDAP directory.

See how to configure prehook and posthook on

Email notification

When the password is reset, an email can be sent to end user, connected admintrator and/or a static list of administrators.

See documentation:

📃 Changelog

See full changelog on github .

🤝 Contributors

LTB Service Desk is mostly maintained by Worteks

Thanks to Gendarmerie Nationale who sponsored some developments.

⬇ Download

Use the official repositories (Debian/RPM), official Docker image or get the archives.