LTB Service Desk 0.5.1 released!

ℹ What is Service Desk?

LDAP Tool Box Service Desk is a web application for administrators and support teams. It allows to browse accounts in an LDAP directory, view and update their status. It also provide some dashboards (locked accounts, expired accounts, idle accounts, ...)

🌟 What's new?

This is a patch version of 0.5 minor release:

  • Fix for messages override which was broken in 0.5
  • Add IP in audit
  • Documentation improvements
  • Provide result codes for lock/unlock account actions

📃 Changelog

See full changelog on github .

🤝 Contributors

LTB Service Desk is mostly maintained by Worteks

⬇ Download

Use the official repositories (Debian/RPM), official Docker image or get the archives.