LTB OpenLDAP 2.5.14 and 2.6.4 packages released!

➡ LDAP Tool Box project provides OpenLDAP packages for RHEL and derivatives (CentOS, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, ...) Debian and derivatives (Ubuntu, ...)

🎉 We released 2.5.14 and 2.6.4 packages! We updated our YUM and APT repositories so you can choose to install 2.5 or 2.6 version on your system.

🆕 Packages are now available for RHEL 9 (and derivatives)!

📃 Changelog

  • Changes for LDAP Tool Box packaging:
    • Use slapd-cli v3.0 (possibility to configure systemd service name, tolerance for contextCSN comparison)
    • RPM: packages for RHEL 9 (and derivatives)
    • Debian: import ldif template only at initial openldap installation
  • Changes for OpenLDAP 2.5
  • Changes for OpenLDAP 2.6

📄 Documentation