LTB OpenLDAP 2.5.12 and 2.6.2 packages released!

➡ LDAP Tool Box project provides OpenLDAP packages for RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian.

🎉 We released 2.5.12 packages and for the first time, packages for 2.6 major version! We updated our YUM and APT repositories so you can choose to install 2.5 or 2.6 version on your system.

📄 Changes for LDAP Tool Box packaging:

  • Use ppm 2.2, which provides maximum number of characters for each class and compatibility with OpenLDAP 2.6
  • Use slapd-cli 2.9, which can now run with OpenLDAP 2.5 and 2.6 depending on configuration parameter

📃 Changes for OpenLDAP 2.5:

📃 Changes for OpenLDAP 2.6: