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Complete name   Jeka Build Tool
Submitter's Info   Jérôme Angibaud, Freelance Java consultant.
Project information   

Jeka is a Java build tool ala Ant, Maven or Gradle but relying only Java code to express builds instead on XML or external DSL.

Description of the project and its goals   

Jeka aims at making more straightforward for Java developers to construct build systems for their projects, even for complexe build processes.
Existing solutions are judged unsatisfactory by many Java developers : either they are perceived too verbose, too rigid or requiring too much cognitive load.
Java developers may like to use build their project using the same technology they are confortable with : Java code, native IDE support and regular libraries.

Web site
Targeted audience   

Jeka targets Java developers and devops teams.
Existing Java build tools are well known (Ant, Maven, Gradle) but no one (afaik) exist using the Jeka approach consisting of using Java code to define builds.
Opps teams.

Supporting team   

The principal developers is Jérôme Angibaud
As the project is hosted on github ( ) several developers has already pushed pull request but no one can be considered as active contributors.

Business model / Strategy   

This is a non-profit project.

User community   

The community activity is visible from github page


English is used in each and every aspects.


The product is already workable and feature complete for a self respecting build tool.
Nevertheless, Visual IDE plugins to make Jeka usage more confortable are missing to reach mainstream adoption. A plugin for Intellij is on active development.


The project is hosted on Github :

Your project and OW2   

I am new in OW2 community.

OW2 projects   
OW2 initiatives   
Technologies and standards   

Jeka uses Java Standard Edition 8 technology and following libraries : bouncycastle, Ivy, Junit.

Contribution to the OW2 Community   

I don't thing that OW2 hosts projects similarly related to builds/devOps for now. DevOps and Middleware are pretty close subjects in sense that devOps deals with automating middleware installation, setting and run during the different life cycle of an enterprise project. 

Motivations to join the consortium and its community   

For now, Jeka is only known by word of mouth and hidden in github project jungle.
I expect Jeka will gain attention, more users and committers. 

Other Information?   
License(s)   Apache License 2.0
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I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   12/01/2020