hammr 3.8.1 is out

The release hammr-3.8.1 is out.


  • Compatibility with UForge AppCenter 3.8.fp1-1 only
  • Compatibility with Python 2.7 only
  • Add Oracle Cloud publish support
  • Add info for using supervisor mode in Hammr

Bug fixes

  • Fix OpenStack doc to fit the retrieval behaviour (use names instead of ids)
  • Remove hardware info for Fujitsu K5 builder section
  • Allowed .yaml file extension
  • Unnecessary traceback displayed when two files with the same source path in the bundles section error occur
  • Fix image list for empty list
  • Set timeout limit to 300 seconds when retrieving from OpenStack

Compatibility with UForge AppCenter 3.8.fp1 only

More details on the hammr github page https://github.com/usharesoft/hammr/releases/tag/3.8.1