fuyuko.submission Submission

Complete name   Fuyuko - PIM / MDM system
Submitter's Info   Toby Jee
Project information   

Fuyuko is an open-source web based Product Information Management (PIM) / Master Data Management (MDM) system.

It allows management of product (name, description, attributes, pricing etc.) in a bussiness. 

Description of the project and its goals   
  • Provides an open-source alternative on a highly comercial oriented PIM / MDM software market
  • Foster hopefully corporation and standadization from bodies eg. GS1Net, 1WorldSync, GHX etc. for product information supply and consumption. 
  • A PIM / MDM product would mostly have plugable module allowing supply and consumtion of data from a centerlized global data synchronization network (GDSN)
Web site   https://github.com/tmjeee/fuyuko
Targeted audience   
  • Manufacturer of products (supplier of product information)
  • Consumer of products (consumer of product information)
  • Intermediatry, both consumer and supplier

Commercial alternatives:-

Open Source alternatives:-

Supporting team   
  • Toby (tmjee1@gmail.com) committer
  • Teck Kong (teckkong.jee@gmail.com) committer
Business model / Strategy   

Not applicable

User community   

Not user committee yet. Some parties do show interest in an alternate possibly low cost & maintainance PIM / MDM system.

  • Slack for communications
  • Github for source repository, issue tracking and release maintenance
  • Gitbook for documentations and versioning
  • Buddy for build 
  • Docker Hub for docker image sharing

Short term

  • Stabilized the POC prototype
  • Release a version 1.0.0 with some fundamental features

Long term

  • Introduce workflow into the system
  • Allow integration with store front eg. shopify etc.
  • Allow sync (import & export) to various GDSN eg. 1WorldSync (US), GHX (Europe), GD1Net (Australia) etc.

Source code, documentations etc. can be found at

If accepted, hosting will be done as it is now in github.

Would like to utilize the build server of OW2. Right now Buddy (kind enough to sponsor their build for our open source project) has a time limit imposed such that our build cannot be longer than an hour. Our cypress tests cases (about 300ish) takes longer than that to run in a once per day schedule. Would love if OW2 can provide us a build server (jenkins, bamboo or whatnot it doesn't matter) that allows us to run cypress tests on a dailly fashion)

Your project and OW2   
  • OW2 has a good reputation and being able to associate with that would definitely do Fuyuko good.
  • OW2 has a massive, vibrate and talented user and developer community. If just a portion of them would contribute to Fuyuko, that would only benefits Fuyuko.
  • OW2 doesn't currently have a PIM / MDM middleware, adding Fuyuko would enrich it's diversity in terms of middleware variety.
  • OW2 has good infrastructure that Fuyuko could definitely take advantage of.
OW2 projects   

None currently but would be interested down the road to use some of OW2 projects.

OW2 initiatives   
  • Fuyuko is a middleware 
  • Could definitely benefits from the guidance of OW2 commitee and board
  • Learn and share best practises from OW2 experiences
  • Add to the diversity of OW2 projects
Technologies and standards   


  • Typescript
  • Node 
  • Angular 9+
Contribution to the OW2 Community   
  • Enrich the diversity of OW2 projects
  • PIM / MDM has massive potential and would put OW2 in the PIM / MDM roadmap should this project be successful.
  • More ways to encourage collaboration between communities, another project that could spark interests of some.
Motivations to join the consortium and its community   
  • To take advantage of the diversity, experiences, infrastructures that OW2 could offer.
  • We would possibly want to move the build system to OW2 (at least the cypress tests bits where we can have more exclusive use of the build system)
  • Having access to use the code analysis too (eg. SonarQube and ScanCode would be nice)
  • Access to the experties of user developer communitites.
  • Good reputation of OW2
Other Information?   
License(s)   GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 only
Interested Parties   
Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   11/07/2018