DocDokuPLM is a robust state-of-the-art open source PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution.

The DocDokuPLM project aim is to offer a robust PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) solution. 

Its main features are: 

  • Document Management: Version control, workflows, templates, links
  • Product Structure: Search and filters the product structure
  • Product Configuration: Manage effectivities, alternatives and substitutes
  • Bill of Materials: List all raw materials of your product
  • Process Management: Define workflows and manage tasks
  • Change Management: Track modifications
  • Data Visualization: Use your browser to explore your structures (WebGL), exchange with your colleagues or display your documents (Word, PDF, CAD...)

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award.png  2015  Community Award

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Florent Garin


Business Intelligence




GNU Affero General Public License v3.0


ISO 10303 STEP AP 239 (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data)

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Market Readiness Synthesis

DocDokuPLM is a high end PLM solution. Initially developed for large manufacturing companies it competes against leading proprietary solutions. Its global base of customers includes companies such as Airbus, Air France, Amazon, Continental, Honewell and SNCF. The solution is developed and directly supported by a small company founded in 2006 and based in Toulouse. The solution is being repositioned for SMEs with a professional offering of support subscriptions and hosting.

Best Practices

With the extent to which the project implements best practices in open source software development...

More on best practices and how they are collected here.

Project Profile

...and the profile it reveals based on our five key attributes...

More on how project attributes are commputed here.

Market Readiness

...this project reaches the above Market Readiness Level.

More on the definition and computation of Market Readiness Levels here.

MRL Assessment Diagram

This page lists the control points used in our assessment of the project's market readiness with their normalised values. It shows how they are combined to form the model. Please go to the methodology overview for more on the model and data collection.

Sources of Raw Data

Please use the links in this section for the raw data used in our MRL modeling.

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