Open Smartphone Test Farm Submission

Complete name   Open Smartphone Test Farm
Submitter's Info   Karol Wrótniak @Droids On Roids
Project information  

STF (or Smartphone Test Farm) is a web application for debugging smartphones, smartwatches and other gadgets remotely, from web browser.

Description of the project and its goals  

Main features:
- Real-time screen view
- Multitouch support
- Execute shell commands and see real-time output
- LogCat viewer
- Remote debugging
- REST API (eg. for CI integration)
- Device booking and partitioning

Web site
Targeted audience  

End-users, developers and QAs.
Contributions via GitHub: and other repos in that organization.

Supporting team  

Initial contributors:
Simo Kinnunen
Gunther Brunner

Current main contributors:
Karol Wrótniak
Pierre Crepieux
Denis Barbaron
David Helkowski

Other contributors:

Business model / Strategy  


User community  

Community is concentrated mainly on GitHub


Translations provided via Transifex:



  • full Android 10 support
  • initial iOS support

Long term:

  • full iOS support

Currently GitHub: and other repos in this organisation

Your project and OW2  

It can help mobile software projects to enhance their CI and/or test automation processes.

OW2 projects  


OW2 initiatives  


Technologies and standards  

Node.js, Android

Contribution to the OW2 Community  

OpenSTF covers the uncovered field of test automation and test facilities for OW2 community. It can help other projects involving mobile applications.

Motivations to join the consortium and its community  

Joining OW2 can motivate contributors. Moreover a project may be more attractive to end-users when is is a part of a foundation. Users may be more confident that project won't be easily abandoned.

Other Information?  

Project will be forked to DeviceFarmer namespace. That's due to lack of contact with founder.

License(s)   Apache License 2.0
Interested Parties  

Orange, T-Mobile, Mobile software development companies.

Terms and conditions acceptance  

I hereby certify the accuracy of the information provided above.

Submission date   11/03/2020