Welcome to the CryptPad forum!

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We are opening a new forum as the central place for feedback and discussion around CryptPad. At the moment we receive feature requests, bug reports, and other feedback through various channels:

  • Matrix chat (great for synchronous communication, not ideal for keeping track of ideas over time)
  • GitHub issues (great for developers, not ideal for people who don't write code)
  • Support tickets on CryptPad.fr (only visible by the sender and the instance admins)
  • Email, word of mouth, and anything else that gets lost if we don't write it down

This forum is now the main place to submit feedback such as feature requests, ideas for improvements, and bug reports. It will allow the community to keep track of these discussions and contribute to them. We hope this place becomes part living documentation part pre-roadmap for the project.

We thank the Flarum team for providing an open-source forum that is simple and easy to use.

This forum is part of the CryptPad project and as such our Code of Conduct applies. Please familiarize yourself with it before posting.

We look forward to reading your feedback on how you use CryptPad and how to improve it!

Join us on the CryptPad Forum!