Summer 2023 status - part 1

We missed the June 2023 status as the end of the month was busy with summer internships and travel to the annual XWiki seminar for part of the team. To catch up, here is a "Summer status" format which will be staggered mid-July and mid-August before we resume monthly schedule in September.

Summer internships

We are delighted to welcome Daria Burghelea and Diana Voineag to the team for 3 months internships as part of the Stagii pe Bune program in Romania. Daria started on June 26th with a focus on front-end work including accessibility issues. Diana started last week on July 10th and will be focusing on end-to-end testing and screenshot automation at first.

Seminar hackathon projects

Each year the XWiki seminar includes a one day hackathon where teams mix and work on experimental or neglected. We had two CryptPad projects this time

Where to save? tree view

Documents and files are saved to the root of the Drive by default in a few cases, for example when adding an image to a document, or when opening a linked shared by someone and choosing to store it. This can lead to a cluttered drive, and provides little visibility on what is happening when something is stored. This project was about prototyping a new tree view that would allow users to pick a specific folder when storing something new in their drive.

The sprint resulted in a usable prototype, see the screenshot below and the branch on GitHub. We will do our best to fix the remaining issues and release this in a future version of CryptPad.

screenshot of the image upload dialog including a new folder tree to select where the image will be saved

Mobile bug hunt

Issues with using CryptPad on mobile may be the number one source of negative feedback we get about the product. While none of these neatly fit into our funded projects, we took the hackathon opportunity to list as many mobile bugs as we could. The result is a list of 41 issues

Next up

  • We are working on CryptPad 5.4 and looking forward to releasing it soon. Part 2 of the summer status will bring more details
  • Members of the team will be taking well deserved breaks during the coming weeks