Recent interviews and presentations

CryptPad and the team have received some attention recently through various channels: a Reddit AMA thread, podcast, presentation, and blog interview. Whether you prefer to read, watch or listen there is a way for you to get an up-to-date presentation of CryptPad.

Aaron MacSween was invited for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread on r/privacy on Reddit. The thread started on November 27th 2020 and lasted for a couple of days. 98 questions were raised about everything from CryptPad's business model, to future development plans, the broader state of open-source software, and the EU's recent debates against encryption.

Aaron was also a guest on the We Don't Stream podcast in an episode titled Imagine Google Docs but without the spyware. This was a general presentation of CryptPad, the origin story and the motivations behind it. Each guest is asked to nominate an NGO to encourage donations. Aaron chose the Electronic Frontier Foundation so please consider supporting them.

Ludovic Dubost was interviewed on Website Planet, answering questions about XWiki and CryptPad. The interview covers the founding of XWiki, the effects of the COVID crisis on the company and CryptPad, as well as the future of the open-source industry.

Ludovic also presented CryptPad at esLibre 2020, a Spanish open-source conference organised this year by King Juan Carlos University. Like many others this year this was a "virtual" event, the video is available on our PeerTube channel. Ludovic covered the background of the project and gave a demo-tour of CryptPad.