November 2023 status

Capitole du Libre

November 18 and 19, the Capitole du Libre was held in Toulouse, France. It is an annual meeting for free and open ways enthusiasts. During this event, Cryptpad was present on a stand that was quite well-received by curious attendees, as well as during two talks by Ludovic Dubost and Clément Aubin about FOSS as a job and OpenDesk.

▶️ Videos should be online at some point in the future on the Capitole du Libre YouTube channel.

Nextcloud integration

screenshot of the Nextcloud application

Wolfgang has been hard at work on our Nextcloud application this month, receiving feedback and fixing issues. This Open in CryptPad integration is part of OpenDesk. It provides encrypted real-time collaborative sessions on diagram documents stored on a Nextcloud instance. If this is of interest to you please check out the application in the Nextcloud app store and our source code repository.

Still collecting testimonials

Quick reminder that we are still collecting nice words about why you love CryptPad through our Testimonials Survey. We already have lots of individual submissions but please keep them coming. We are especially grateful if you are able to endorse our project on behalf of an organization, company, or institution.

Team news

Unfortunately Faye did not renew her contract with us after 6 months in the team. We are thankful for her contributions to CryptPad and wish her the very best on her future endeavors.

What's next

  • We are still at work on CryptPad 5.6 which we are hoping to release before the end of the year
  • Looking ahead, we are thinking about next year's priorities. There's no doubt that improving our OnlyOffice integrations (esp. Document and Presentation) will be high on that list
  • We're thinking about contributions to this blog beyond the monthly status, perhaps more tutorials, let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover!