Looking for translators

Our mission is to make privacy-enhancing technologies accessible to people from all over the world. We get a lot of attention for the technology that we build, but that technology may be of limited use to those who can't understand what it's doing. I'm not talking about how the cryptography in CryptPad works, but the simple matter of reading the text displayed on the screen.

CryptPad has been translated into nine different languages, but only a third of those translations are complete. Members of the development team are fluent in English and French, so those are easily maintained, but the rest are beyond our ability.

translations status

The other translations were written by contributors, but our required format made them difficult to maintain, so we understand why so many have become out of date. With that in mind, we've decided to adopt the open-source Weblate translation platform for our project to make the process more manageable. If you're familiar with CryptPad and fluent in any language other than English or French, we'd love your help translating the project.

You don't have to do it alone, and it doesn't need to be done all at once. Weblate allows translators to change one string at a time in a nice web interface, with issues sorted by type.

Weblate translation interface

Anyone can register an account on our instance (weblate.cryptpad.fr). From there, we can appoint reviewers for each language who will receive notifications any time their language receives a suggested update.

If you'd like to translate CryptPad into a new language, that will require a little more involvement on our part, but we'd be very happy to help. Our translation guide has more detailed information, but you can always contact us if you'd like to help.

Even if your preferred language is already translated, we still welcome improvements to the existing translations. Feel free to sign up and make suggestions, or stop by our chat room if you find any part of the platform difficult to understand.