December 2022 status

New version (and fixes)

This month we released CryptPad 5.2.0, introducing some new and long-requested features

New Forms settings

preview of the new forms settings dialog

  • Submit multiple times and/or edit and delete past responses
  • Notifications for form owners
  • Form authors can delete all responses
  • JSON export

The settings area was getting crowded, so we refactored them into a modal window with a summary in the main editor view.

️ Repeating Calendar events

We already talked about this back in October but the feature is now available to everyone.

  • Quick default patterns (daily, weekly, etc)
  • Custom patterns
  • Edit this, future, or all events

Team drive on-boarding improvements

  • Invite links can now be used a set number of times instead of only once
  • Set the initial role for links instead of inviting everyone as viewer and promoting manually

Bug fixes

Following the release we identified a few bugs with help from the community. We released the fixes as CryptPad 5.2.1.

️ Bitwarden Open Source Security Summit

David did a quick presentation of CryptPad at the Open Source Security Summit 2022 organized by Bitwarden on 8th December. The individual speaker videos should be available on their YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

What's next

We are excited to welcome another team member first thing in the new year, a senior developer that we will introduce soon.

We are also looking forward to implementing some important new features next year, namely Single-Sign-On and Multi-factor authentication. We will be doing this thanks to a grant from NLNet and NGI ASSURE. There will be much more information to come on this when the project starts.