CryptPad White Paper

Figure: Key derivation for a form

We proudly present the CryptPad white paper summarizing the use of cryptography in CryptPad. The paper is targeted at people who are familiar with cryptography, but obviously available for everyone interested in CryptPad.

White Paper PDF - 355kB

In this white paper, we discuss CryptPad's underlying threat model, and explain the communication between the server and the client. We present the encryption of documents as the core functionality of CryptPad. We further show how the login mechanism works and how we establish secure communication between different users. Finally, we discuss how we enable secure communication and access control within a team.

This white paper is part of the CryptPad Blueprints Project and is funded through the NGI0 Entrust Fund. We thank NLnet for their support. All of the project's outputs, including this white paper, will be made available through a dedicated website as the project progresses.

We wish you a good read! You can reach us with any questions or comments on our forum, Matrix, Mastodon, or via Email.