CryptPad Jackalope - File Upload, PDF and Pictures

Yesterday we released CryptPad v1.9.0 Jackalope, we have some exciting new features which we've been working on for a long time. As part of the UCF project we have implemented a Zero Knowledge media-tag in CryptPad for displaying and downloading encrypted files stored in CryptPad. Starting now, you can upload files by clicking the upload button or dragging them into your CryptDrive. You can also view pictures and PDF files in CryptPad and you can drag-and-drop pictures directly into presentations. In the next release we will hopefully be adding drag-and-drop pictures into the pad.

CryptDrive Upload


We also made a significant but less visible improvement to the CryptDrive. When you make a new pad in CryptPad, it has a title, which anyone in the pad can change, and it has a filename which it how the pad is shown in your CryptDrive. Because anyone at any time can change the title of a pad, the only way to know the titles of all the pads in your drive is to load each and every one of them which would take a long time. But the filename is your unique way to refer to a pad, it lives only in your CryptDrive and it is the same no matter what title someone gives to the pad.

Now the CryptDrive UI shows only one name for a pad, this name is just the title of the pad at the last time you'd accessed it unless you assign it your own filename.

Slide Preview

When you're using the CryptPad slide app to make a quick presentation, now you can see your presentation in the righthand pane while you type. Since presentations are written in Markdown, this means you get a live action preview of what your presentation slides are going to look like.

Slide Preview and Drag & Drop

Try it now

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