August 2022 status: Hi and bye to new team members

Monthly status posts are back!

End of Maxime's internship

August 31st is Maxime Cesson's last day with the CryptPad team. His 2 months with us have been very productive. Maxime went from "zero-knowledge" of JavaScript to having his code deployed in production in a few weeks.

He addressed a number of "junior friendly" issues as well as the not-so-junior document type filter for the drive. Some of these features are already live on and they will all be included in the next version of CryptPad. We are very happy with Maxime's contributions and wish him all the best for his future endeavours. He will go on to complete the last year of his studies while working in cyber-security.

Mathilde's first month

Mathilde Blanchemanche joined the team full-time on August 1st as instance administrator for Effectively her role incudes support, engaging with the community (on Matrix, Github, and possibly new platforms coming soon), managing the bug-fixing pipeline, and more things that we are still figuring out.

Mathilde has hit the ground running. She brought us to INBOX ZERO on support tickets after just over a week on the job, and has engaged with countless GitHub issues that were left without a response, sometimes for years.

This will continue into next month and beyond. In addition, she will contribute to user-research for some features we have in mind, and continue planning how to improve our efficiency and openness in dealing with incoming bug-reports and feature-requests.

Next up

We are planning to release CryptPad 5.1 in the next couple of weeks. This will include improvements to the admin panel for better moderation, a much requested improvement to the Calendar app, and more!